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Creep Testing systems at extreme temperatures of Accident-Tolerant Cladding for Nuclear Fuels

UTAHClient: Mechanics at Extreme Temperatures Laboratory. Utah State University, Logan, United States of America
Sector: Research / Energetic

IBERTEST has supplied two 50 kN CREEP test systems to equip the prestigious laboratory for the mechanical characterisation of materials at extreme temperatures of the Utah State University (USA), dedicated to the high temperature testing of nuclear plant component materials.

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear incident, there has been considerable interest in developing better fuels and cladding to withstand accident conditions. However, further mechanical characterization is needed before such materials can be approved for long-term structural use.  In order to test candidate materials for accident tolerant fuels, two IB-CREEP 50 test systems have been supplied incorporating the latest technology for the full mechanical characterisation at temperatures higher than 1000ºC of the mentioned materials.

 IB-CREEP 50 Creep testing systems

Capacity: 50kN
Testing possibilities: creep testing, relaxation, low cycle fatigue (LCF), etc. According to: ISO 204, ASTM E139, ASTM E606/E606M-12, ISO 12106 and others.

Electromechanical testing machines, model: IB-CREEP 50, of 50 KN capacity, equipped with the new MD2i electronics with 2.5 KHz control loop closing frequency and WinTest.CREEP software, specially designed for high temperature creep tests. The IB-CREEP series machines incorporate a high temperature furnace, capable of reaching up to 1300ºC, which allows testing in a wide range of temperatures with high stability, as required by the main international testing standards.

IB-CREEP 50 machines equipped with high temperature furnace, control system and IB-3549 high temperature extensometer with adjustable support

The furnace control and adjustment of the corresponding temperature parameters, ramp programming, etc. is carried out by means of the WinTest software and/or the touch screen PLC incorporated in the machine, which is easy and intuitive to use.

Detail of IB-3549 extensometer rods in contact with ASTM standard specimen.Quartz glass window for image capture via video-extensometer and post-processing using DIC technology.
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