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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory in Algeria

AlgerieCustomer: Centre Technique de la Mécanique (CTIME), Ministry of Industry and Mines, Algeria.
Sector: Research / Metallurgical Industry

IBERTEST has supplied the Mechanical Testing Laboratory consisting of several test systems defined by the Algerian Ministry of Industry and Mines (Ministère de l’Industrie et des Mines – MIM) Programme d’Appui à la Diversification Industrielle et au Climat des Affaires (PADICA), with the financing of the European Commission for Industrial Development Projects.

This official laboratory consolidates Ibertest as a reference in Algeria with innovative test systems and is the latest to be already supplied by IBERTEST to other clients in the Maghreb.

Among the systems manufactured, the following deserve special mention:

  • Electromechanical system for tensile, compression, bending and shear stresses, etc. on metallic and non-metallic specimens, model EUROTEST 600 for tests at room temperature and also at high temperature up to a maximum of 1300ºC
Universal electromechanical testing machine of 600 kN capacity with high temperature furnace.
  • Universal machine for tensile, compression and bending stresses, 5kN capacity, model MONOTRAC 5/1200 equipped with devices and high elongation axial extensometer for tests on metallic and non-metallic specimens.
Universal electromechanical testing machine with a capacity of 5 kN, for testing polymers with a high elongation semi-automatic extensometer.
  • Motorised pendulum impact tester model PIB-450 for Charpy tests, energy 450J, with data acquisition system and equipped with perimeter safety device as well as mechanical and electronic safety elements.
Instrumented Charpy Pendulum - PIB
Instrumented Charpy pendulum, PIB Series, capacities up to 750J. Capable of performing instrumented impact tests according to ISO 14556: 2000 and ASTM E2298-09 standards.
  • Servo-hydraulic system for dynamic and static loads, model UFIB 100 with mechanical alignment system mounted between the load cell and the crosshead to allow alignment according to ASTM E 1012 standard. Fatigue, tensile and compression test fixtures are also included
Dynamic testing machine with 100kN capacity and high rigidity frame, for high frequency fatigue tests, HCF, LCF, etc.

This laboratory aims to be one of the most important in the area to support the Algerian industries, which have experienced significant growth in recent years.

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