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  • Video Capture System – VCS

    Video capture system – VCS for synchronized video recordings of tests.


    Video Capture System provides a closer view of the samples during the tests. Using simple standard USB webcam the entire test procedure can be recorded and shown with live streaming video.

    And due to its integration with WinTest32 Software, the captured images from the video are automatically synchronized to the corresponding measurment data and associated with the actual test curve.

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    Product Description

    Video Capture System

    VCS provides the easiest and most efficient way to play back the captured video for further in depth analysis. Test procedures are saved and can be retrieved and compared later.


    Using the integrated navigation tool specific points of interest on the test curve can be selected, allowing you to analyze material or components behavior at different times throughout the test.

    This tool presents an effective and simple way of detecting visible signs of failure on the samples, such as changes in colour or shape, deformations, fractures and others.


    • Full HD 1080p webcam with USB cable.
    • Background LED Light.
    • Articulated support fixed to machine testing frame.
    • WinTest32 Software package.