Design, manufacture and supply optimal and reliable materials testing machines worlwide.


Without limitation on materials testing. Design according to each particular need.


At all stages, for any type of users, from the technical definition to international logistics management.


Materials testing machines calibration according to ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4-10, EN 12390-4, ISO9015, ASTM E83-10a.

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Universal Testing Machines & Material Testing Equipment


Since 1970 IBERTEST designs and manufactures material testing machines, test equipment and solutions for material testing according to international standards. Over 3000 materials testing and quality control machines made by IBERTEST have been shipped to 67 countries.

We offer our experience and know-how in manufacturing electromechanical testing machines, hydraulic testing machines, dynamic testing machines and materials testing solutions to measure for compression testing, tensile and compression test, flexural testing, fatigue testing, dynamic testing, creep testing, equipment for determining physical properties of cements, Vicat, Blaine, Langavant, Le Chatelier, pendulum impact test Charpy and Izod, determination of resilience.

universal testing machine

The management system of S.A.E. IBERTEST has been evaluated and certified in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008.

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