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  • Charpy test and IZOD – PIB Series Impact charpy tester

    Our pendulum makes use of the most advanced technology, together with the highest quality and our extensive know-how to suit all national and international standards. They can be used to conduct impact test according to Charpy and Izod, as well as impact tensile test.
    Pendulum designed for Charpy and IZOD impact testing execution.
    Pendulum rising procedure motorized, digital control and configuration system by means of full color touch screen interface and USB connection to PC.
    Designed to cover with the most demanding international standards for impact testing: ASTM E23, ISO 148, EN 10045-1, DIN 50115, ISO/R 84-1959
    Interchangeable impact energies: 150 Joules, 300 Joules, 450 Joules y 750 Joules.
    Full robotization of impact test procedure available.
    Devices for cryogenic test sample preparation.
    Instrumented version on demand, for determination of absorbed energy by means of striker deformation dynamic measurement.



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    Product Description

    Total confidence in your Charpy Impact test with our Charpy Pendulum

    • Reliability in results due to a fully demonstrated surpassing of international standards ASTM E 23 and ISO 148 requirements.
    • Repeatability in impact energy measurement and resilience calculation, thanks to a extremely robust manufacturing
    • We verify all the main components which affects in the Charpy Impact test. This process is executed by our Calibration ENAC Accredited Laboratory staff.   High trained and competent technicians along with calibrated and international traceable control equipmentfrom our metrology and calibration labs are applied to verify that every element covers and surpasses international standards requirements.

    We offer to our customers the possibility of checking before delivery that all the requested specs are covered.


    Advantages for your materials testing

    • Full confidence on digital system: we demonstrate that the values showed in the digital controller are reliable and shows the real measurement.
    • Verification of impact test values is done comparing the showed value with the value calculated basing on potential energy at several angles.
    • We issue a certificate with each impact pendulum to demonstrate that the requirements of international standards ASTM E 23 and/or ISO 148 are covered and surpassed.
    • Interchangeable impact energies: 150 Joules, 300 Joules, 450 Joules y 750 Joules.
    • Equipped with changing support device for helping in the energy changing process.
    • Charpy test measurements resolution: up to0,01J and 0,018°.
    • Top productivity: impact test process time reduced to the minimum. Between 5 and 8 seconds
    • Automatic “on-flight” rising of pendulum to minimize test time consumption.
    • Charpy tester pendulum releasing for impact test with protection door closing ( user configurable)
    • Total automation available, including sample positioning from cryostat or ambient temperature.
    • Instrumented version available: for measuring dynamic deformations on charpy striker to calculate the energy absorbed during the impact test.
    • Maximum ergonomy: wide access to impact testing zone with top user security. Allows user to work comfortable in maintenance or energy change duties. 100% free of personal risk.
    • Anvil with interchangeable radius: available for those customers with high impact Testing frequency. It minimizes investment in maintenance due to the low cost of changing the impact radius, instead of changing the whole anvils. Anvils and specially the contact radius with the sample gets worn with impact test. It is a normal spare for any Charpy pendulum.
    • Several combinations of anvils and supports to allow testing over different impact samples. The most common sample for Charpy impact test is the 10x10x55mm, but there are other type of samples which can be tested in our Impact Pendulum. Dispositivo tipo pala o dispositivo mecánico para posicionamiento de probeta
    • Sample positioning can be done by means of a mechanical or robotic solution
    • Tray for broken/ tested samples recovery
    • Set of elements for IZOD impact test:

    IZOD pendulum with 165 Joules maximum impact energy.

    Vice system for IZOD 0,452″ and 0,798” samples

    • Impact tester instrumentalized
    • Impact tensile test configuration available with standard hammer.

     User safety care in Charpy impact testing

    • Integral perimetral protection manufactured in polycarbonate and structural aluminum
    • Access to impact testing area controlled by safety electrical locks with opening blockage to avoid opening of protection when pendulum is moving.
    • Protection opening detection to avoid impact pendulum releasing with any access opened.
    • Closing and locking elements according with CE marking
    • Double mechanical anchoring to remove accidental releasing of pendulum

    Impact Energy (max.)300 Julios450 Julios750 Julios
    Hammer weight20,4 kg30,3 kg50,5 kg
    Pendulum length770 mm770 mm770 mm
    Hammer speed (max.)5,42 m/s5,42 m/s5,42 m/s
    Angle measurementDigital encoderDigital encoderDigital encoder
    Angle resolution0,018°0,018°0,018°
    Energy resolution0,01 J0,01 J0,01 J
    Dimmensions2150 x 600 x 920 mm2150 x 600 x 920 mm2150 x 600 x 920 mm
    Approx. weight750 kg900 kg1200 kg
    Electric supply3x380 V + N + T / 50-60 Hz3x380 V + N + T / 50-60 Hz3x380 V + N + T / 50-60 Hz
    Power consumption500 W500 W500 W

    All models manufactured according to TESTING STANDARDSEN-ISO 148, EN-ISO 10045-1, DIN 50115 and ASTM E231