UMIB-1000E - Special frame
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Hydraulic universal testing machine – UMIB series

Hydraulic testing machine with mobile crossheads.
Test capacity up to 2000 kN, joined the versatility of mobile cross through hydraulic cylinders and blocks, to adapt to multitude of sizes of specimen. Its compact design, makes installation eassier in places with low ceilings.
Precision and accuracy measurement  of UMIB series, fits any level of demand in most market applications, for industry as well as research laboratories.

IBERTEST Universal Testing Machines UMIB Series

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Product Description

Accuracy and adaptable testing space hydraulically

UMIB series is characterized by being a material testing machine with high precision and accuracy,this is also joined to the versatility when tests on specimens of different dimensions.

The two machine crossheads are moved by the hydraulic jacks situated on the sides, This task is performed automatically from the control pc of the testing machine, where we indicate the height at which we want to place the crosshead and once placed in this position, will be firmly locked by hydraulic locks placed at the ends of the crossheads.

This is a complete and versatile solution of testing machine, that meets the highest standards of quality, adaptability and precision at testing loads up to 2000 kN.

Advantajes for your material testing

  • 100% automatic operation, Hydraulic cylinder motion is performed by a high quality servo valve, ensuring better precision in the test.
  • Depending on load and type of specimen may be installed mechanical or hydraulic gripping heads, in both cases ensuring safety in the clamping of the specimen.
  • Adaptative lenght of testing space hydraulically.
  • Full adaptation to customer needs in terms of size and specifications required.
  • Configurable dimensions preserving maximum stiffness criteria.
  • Can be equipped with several interchangeable load cells.
  • Hydraulic cylinder arrangement on the top or bottom of machine in order to make easier the machine installation, depending on space and kind of place where you want to install it.
  • Allows control testing speed by load, displacement and strain.

More information

The testing machines series UMIB of IBERTEST, have different grippingheads and other testing devices, which allow different types of tests:

  • Compression test ASTM D695
  • Tensile test according to ISO 6892, ISO 1608, EN 10002-1 and ASTM E23
  • Fatigue test (at low frequencies)
  • Folding test
  • Bending test according to ASTM E290
  • Others like test according to NADCAP, GE-S400, CREEP, ASTM E 139
  • Shear test

All performed on different materials used in industry and research fields as:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Other metals
  • Composites
  • Wood
  • Cement
  • Concrete

In our metrology laboratory where we have profile projector, hardness testers, roughness, 3D  Coordinate measuring machines, etc.. are verified all key components of IBERTEST testing machines.

Our testing machines not only ensure its quality through quality control of each component, the machine is verified in a global way and functionality, being calibrated by our official calibration and certification laboratory, accredited by ENAC (ILAC member) which issues a calibration certificate valid internationally according to ISO 7500-1.

ForceForce measurementStrain-gage load cells.Can be installed additional cells below the nominal load of the machine.
Load cell Repeatibility±0,05%
Class and measurement rangeClass 0.5 from 1% to 100% at full scale
Force resolution5 digits floating point
DisplacementDisplacement measurementEncoder.(Optional Contactless transducer internal type, inside the piston)
Displacement resolution1µm
Dimensions and weightVertical testing space (with standard gripping heads) (mm)0-1000
Horizontal testing space(mm)520x250710x405
Total height(mm)24502600
Total width(mm)10201200
Test frame weight (without accesories)(kg)21003500
Test frameNumber of guide columns4. Chromed and rectified with mechanical end switches, adjustable in height.
Number of balls screws300
Piston stroke (mm)Automatic movement via hydraulic actuators synchronous lateral with hydraulic locking system (top)
Power supplyPower3kW4kW
TypeThree-phase 380V +N+G, 50/60Hz