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  • AUTOVICAT – Equipment for automatic determination of setting time of cement

    AUTOVICAT by IBERTEST is an equipment for automatic execution of determination of setting time and consistency of cement test by Vicat method.

    The AUTOVICAT apparatus, with corresponding accessories, allows automatic execution of tests according to the following standard methods:

    • Initial and final setting time in cement, as per EN 196-3 and ASTM C191.
    • Normal consistency as per EN 196-3 and ASTM C187.
    • Setting times in gypsum as per EN 13279-2.
    • Setting times in additives for concretes, mortars and pastes, as per EN 480-2.

    And, practically, any other standard or testing procedure, by means of built-in editor of standards, easily programmable by the user.

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    Product Description

    Main features of AUTOVICAT equipment for automatic determination of setting time of cement

    IBERTEST has been manufacturing automatic Vicat apparatus for more than 40 years. The AUTOVICAT is the fourth generation equipment.


    All movements in each of the three axes (vertical, horizontal and rotation of the plate) are made by a combination of steppers electric motors, avoiding problems caused by other mechanical transmissions and ensuring accuracy, repeatability and unprecedented reliability in this equipments.
    The user can choose the number of punches, including distance, distance to edge of mould, frequency between punches, etc.

    Thus, the apparatus can be adapted for any possible variation of the standards, implementation of special studies, research, etc.

    PC – Link

    Possibility of link practically an unlimited number of AUTOVICATS to a single PC, by means of the optional IBERTEST WINLect32 software pack, running on WINDOWS®.

    Standard delivery for AUTOVICAT

    • Standard weight sliding needle-holder for setting tests as per EN 196-3 or ASTM C191.
    • Needle Ø 1,13 mm diameter according to ASTM C191 (to specify).
    • Truncoconical mould as per EN 196-3 or ASTM C191 (to specify).
    • Immersion bath with centring ring for moulds and glass plate.
    • Circular glass plate.
    • Set of 2 brushes for the needle cleaning device.
    • Thermal printer.
    • Pack of 5 rolls of printer paper.

    Computerized data acquisition system for AUTOVICAT (optional accessory)

    Possibility of forming groups of practically an unlimited number of AUTOVICAT commanded by one sole computer via a multiport USB 2.0 hub and the software WinLec32 version VICATEST.

    By means of this system, the equipment AUTOVICAT, can be connected to a computer, to be controlled by means of the testing software WinLec32, VICATEST version, to edit standards and configurations, execution of tests, data acquisition and statistical treatment , etc.

    In case of improper operation in one of the equipments, if desired, the user can swich off the AUTOVICAT and continue working with the rest of fhe AUTOVICATS.

    The system is comprised by the following elements

    • Multiport USB 2.0 hub, according to the choosen number of equipments to be connected.
    • Next generation PC (Dual Core or higher), with keyboard, mouse, TFT 20 “ wide-screen, Windows® operating system, with manuals and user licences.
    • 32 bits software pack WinLec32 version VICATEST, under Windows®. To schedule and management of testing, data acquisition and processing.
    Present methods6 preset methods according to EN /ASTM standards procedures.9 free methods according to user preferences.
    User configuration15 available configurations.Each configuration can be assigned to a different type of cement, according to the special features of eachproduct.
    System intelligenceControlled by a 32 bits last generation microprocessor
    MovementsBy combination of stepper motors for positioning and rotation of the mould.
    Penetration depth resolutionBetter than 0,1 mm
    Configuration possibiliesStandard selectionConfiguration selection by the userFree falling or assited falling of the needleStart-up time and delaying time before first penetrationTime between penetrations can be modified by user from 1 to 99 minutes at any time during test.Distance between concentric and successive penetrations.Distance to the edge of the mould.Selecting a second pass after completing the first series of penetrations.Selection criteria of final setting time.
    Calculation of number of penetrationsAn algorithm calculates the maximum number of penetrations to comply with the configuration conditionsimposed by the user and applies it automatically.
    Data inputFrontal membrane board, with 6-keys sensitive keyboard.It protects display and allows surfing menus, select and / or configure tests, parameters, start the test,etc.
    Data visualizationHigh resolution (128 x 64 points) LCD graphic screen in inverted blue, with retro – illumination.
    PrinterYes, integrated into the side of the computer.
    Printing reportDate, time and test reference.Choosen standard.Measure each penetration in mm, with graphical representation of each penetration, number, time andindication of each measure in mm.Test results: Final setting time.
    Paper printing directionSeleccionable
    Width of paper / printing width58mm/ 48mm
    Needle automatic cleaning deviceBy roller-type brushes
    MemoryEEPROM memory (non volatile) that stores user differentconfigurations and the last 100 complete testsperformed, even in those cases of electrical supply failure
    Computer connectionVia USB, with VICAT.TEST software (see accesories)
    Gouping of equipmentCommanded by onesole PC (thanks to a multiport USB 2.0 hub.
    LanguageSpanish, English, French and Portuguese
    Rated power<40 W
    Power supplySingle phase 110-240 V + G ~ 50 / 60 Hz
    Dimensions230 x 290 x 355 mm
    Weigth15 kg