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  • Video Inspection for Charpy / IZOD Specimens

    The video measuring machine has been mainly designed for the performing of 2D measurements, also valid for some specific 3D measurements of a wide variety of materials and specimen shapes.


    The equipment features fulfill requirements of ASTM E23, EN-ISO 148-1, EN-ISO 148-2 “Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials”.

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    Product Description


    • High precision and efficiency
    • Excellent reliability
    • Foot-switch is matched with measuring software, which makes operation easier
    • Detection of the measured specimen specific location by laser indicator
    • Manual Focusing: better image quality can be obtained by manual focusing
    • Coordinate System: it helps establish coordinate for both the machine and the specimen
    • Annotation function: angle, distance, X direction, Y direction, radius, diameter, etc. can be directly marked in the drawing area.
    • Report function: measured data can be exported to Excel, Word, etc.
    • Graphics function: display function (zooming, translation, window display, local zooming, full screen for an easy and intuitive operaion
    • Deviation Compensation: the system has error compensation and Camera Center Compensation as well


    • Resolution: 0.5 μm
    • X,Y-axis indication error:(2.5+L/100) μm (L= Length, mm)
    • Video Magnification: 27.4~351.3X
    • Zoom lens magnification: 0.58X~7.5X
    • Object view: 1.4 – 14 mm
    • Travel (mm): 200×100
    • Z-axis travel (mm): 150
    • Metal table size (mm): 404×228
    • Color gigabit web camera
    • Object view: 14mm~1.4mm
    • Surface adjustable LED lighting and transmission lighting.

    Elements included

    • Personal computer and monitor
    • Measuring Software