National reference center for railways test and maintenance

SAFETY must be the core

Nowadays countries need to modernize their transport infrastructure network, with the intention of placing their regions at the technological forefront and improving the competitiveness of the country economy.

However developing this important infrastructure for the country without proper control and planning can have dramatic consequences for both the economy and the people.

Railway infrastructures are continuously evolving by increasing the: Speed, Axles loads, Density of traffic, Environmental considerations, etc.

This increasing demand for the railway infrastructure, requires a greater improvement in the quality for each element of the rail infrastructure.

IBERTEST together with other technological partners offer a global solution to help countries to transmit and implement the long Spanish extensive experience in this field. This global solution has 4 big sections:

This project stems from the need of countries to modernize its network of transport infrastructure, with the intention of placing at the technological forefront of its regions, improving the competitiveness of the country economy.

  • Thinking about the safety of its citizens
  • Protection of a critical infrastructure
  • Causes under control
  • Technological image of the country
  • New generation of qualified professionals
  • Supplier optimisation
  • Investment optimization
  • More technical and economic independence
  • Reduction of accidents and incidents
  • External services

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