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  • CREEP Testing Machine – IB-CREEP

    Electromechanical machine especially designed for creep testing, relaxation, low fatigue,etc.

    According to Standards: ISO 204, ASTM E139

    IBERTEST renews design and technology of its series of testing machines for Creep at high temperature, IB-CREEP Series. This new and optimized design, covering all aspects of the machine, from a completely new furnace and controller with touchscreen 10.4 “, to new look, the electronic control module or increased energy efficiency. All this leads our machines a big step beyond, placing them as one of the most advanced Creep machines in the world.

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    Product Description

    New optimised design of our IB-CREEP series which leads our machines a big step beyond, placing them as one of the most advanced Creep machines in the world.

    • Always forward. Fully renovated Furnace.
    • Powerful and intuitive. New advanced furnace control system.
    • Higher efficiency. Improved energy efficiency of the machine.
    • Robust and reliable. Increased stiffness of the entire system.
    • Save space and intelligent design. Integration of electronics into the machine frame.
    • Easy adjustment of Setpoints.


    New IB-CREEP series provide you a wide range of testing possibilities into the branch of Creep tests.

    • Creep tests.
    • Relaxation tests.
    • Creep rupture tests.
    • Creep crack tests.
    • Long-term tests.
    • Ask for other specific test.

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    The “Creep Test” is performed on a specimen. In simple terms, the specimen is heated up to a temperature between 300°C and 1200°C depending on material. Once the temperature set-point is reached, a constant load is applied to exert a longitudinal force on the grain structure of the material. The load is maintained for the period of the test or until the specimen ruptures. During the test, data is continuously monitored and recorded to qualify the stability of the temperatures, load and specimen elongation.



    Maximum load

    10 kN

    20 kN

    30 kN

    50 kN

    100 kN

    200 kN

    According to ISO 7500 y ASTM E-4

    Class 0,5

    Load measurement

    Universal strain-gage load cell (tension-compression)

    Load cell repeatability

    Better or equal to ± 0.05 %

    Measuring range

    1 % al 100 % of the load cell nominal capacity (autoescale)

    Strength resolution

    5 digits with floating coma

    Number of Guiding columns


    Chromed plated and grounded with adjustable mechanical stops

    Screw drivers

    1 high precision ball screw drivers with scrapers

    Free distance between columns

    500 mm

    Displacement speed range

    Between 0,001 and 100,00 mm/min (Other speeds are possible on demand)

    Displacement measurement


    Displacement resolution

    5 dígitos: ± 0,001 mm

    Power supply

    Three-phase 380 V plus neutral and earth, 50/60 Hz (to specify)

    Power consumption without furnace

    <= 500W

    <= 1000W

    Emergency stop

    ”Mushroom“ type, placed on the testing frame

    Dimensions of the testing framework

    Esquema dimensiones IBCREEP




    10-50 kN

    100 kN

    200 kN

    Height (A)

    2350 mm

    3172 mm

    3525 mm

    Width (B)

    710 mm

    958 mm

    1065 mm

    Depth (C)

    635 mm

    857 mm

    952 mm

    Distance between columns (D)

    500 mm

    675 mm

    750 mm

    Maximum travel (E)

    180 mm

    Approx Weight
    (Without furnace)

    750 kg

    1000 kg

    1125 kg