2. Equipment for cement testing

Equipment for cement testing machine - Material Testing | IBERTEST

IBERTEST manufactures advanced equipment for the determination of various physical properties of cement, mortar, plaster, lime and similars, using test methods according to European and International standards.

· AUTOVICAT: Automatic Vicat equipment, for setting time testing of cement.
· AUTOBLAINE PLUS: Atomatic Blaine equipment, for determining the fineness of cement by the Blaine permeability method.
· Langavant computerized Calorimeter: for determining the heat of hydration of the hydraulic cement by the semi-adiabatic method, according to EN 196-9.
· Automatic planetary mortar mixer: programmable, for the preparation of mortar specimens intended for cement strenght testing .
· Automatic horizontal jolting table, cement moulds, climatic chambers and water containers: for preparation of mortar specimens for testing the cement resistance.
· Le Chatelier thermostatic Bath: for automatic heating cycle of soundness test of the hydraulic cement according to EN 196-3.