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  • Automatic Le Chatelier bath for soundness of cements

    Equipment specifically developed for the execution of the heating and maintaining boiling for Le Chatelier test for determining the stability of the volume of cement (soundness) according to the procedure specified in the EN 196-6 testing standard.

    Heating up ramp and boiling maintenance is automatically controlled by a programmable electronic controller.

    The controller reads the current temperature value by means of a temperature probe Pt-100 and corrects the deviation from the programmed setpoint by means of PID control adjustment.

    The control refresh frequency is only 10 miliseconds (so control-loop is closed 100 times per second) so as to obtain a highly accurate adjustment.

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    Product Description

    Fundamentals of the Le Chatelier test for determine the cement soundness

    The test procedure consists of subjecting a sample of cement to a controlled heating, then measure its expansion for estimate the possible risk of late expansion due to hydration of free magnesium calcium oxides.

    The test procedure indicates filling two Le Chatelier molds with cement paste (from the same mixing batch), and dip them in a water thermostatic bath.

    The water in the thermostatic bath is heated from 20 ° C to boiling in 30 minutes, along a uniform temperature rise ramp. After the thirty minutes, the cement specimens must be maintained for 3 hours with smooth boiling.

    Once boiling time is finished, the moulded samples are taken and measured the distance between tips of the arms of the mold. The distance between the tips is compared against the distance at 20 celsius degrees. European standards for receipt of cements indicate that the opening of Le Chatelier mold should not be greater than 10 mm.

    Le Chatelier bath IBERTEST. Robustness and reliability.

    The IBERTEST thermostatic Le Chatelier bath performs the heating process automatically and with excellent temperature control, to always get correct results, both reliable and repeatable.

    The great sensitivity of this equipment allows to maintain a gentle boil without significant decrease in the level of water in the Le chatelier bath.

    The Le chatelier bath vessel comprises a double bucket with intermediate air gap. The inner is made of stainless steel extremely resistant to corrosion to the alkalinity of the water.

    The outer housing is made of sheet steel, painted with epoxy resin, very resistant.

    Inside it houses an armored immersion heater, 4500 W of power and a temperature probe Pt-100, for a very accurate measurement of the water temperature.

    At the bottom of the vessel is placed a perforated plate allowing free circulation of water inside the bathroom. The perforated plate tray serves as support for Le Chatelier molds and to protect both the resistance and temperature probe.

    The tray has a cover made of stainless steel, with two handles made of insulating material to avoid risk of burns to the user.

    At the back, the bath has a drain tap for emptying and cleaning regularly.

    Programmable control module AP

    The temperature ramp-up and maintenance of the boiling temperature is electronically controlled by means of a Pt-100 temperature probe and an electronic module with closed-loop PID control. The frequency of the control loop is 10 ms (100 times per second).

    The control module has a touch keypad and an LCD display for programming and test monitoring.

    The LCD screen shows information about the water temperature, test time, test cycle, detected alarms, etc.

    Should replacement be required, this module is very easy to install: the operation can be performed by the user without aid of the IBERTEST Technical Service and without further adjustments.

    Automatic test cycles

    The equipment comprises 2 pre-set programs according to the test standard EN 196-3. The user can select which of the 2 program wants to perform:

    1. Full cycle program

    • Maintain temperature at 20 °C for 24 hours
    • Heating ramp for boiling in 30 minutes
    • Maintain at boiling temperature for 3 hours

    2. Short cycle program

    • Fast stabilization at 20 °C.
    • Heating ramp for boiling in 30 minutes
    • Maintain at boiling temperature for 3 hours

    Accessories and Parts

    • Le Chatelier Mould according EN 196-3
    • Glass plates, according to EN-196-3
    • Additional mass according EN 196-3
    • Clamp for mouls assembly according to EN 196-3
    • Mass for checking elasticity of the mould according to EN-196-3
    Inner tank dimensions445 x 250 x 140 mm (length x width x depth)
    Water volumeApprox. 14 liters
    Number of Le Chatelier mouldsFor best results, we recommend testing up to 9 moulds simultaneously.
    Temperature visualitation4 digits (3 integers and 1 decimal)
    Resolution 0.1ºC.
    Screen LCD graphic screen with retro – illumination with 2 lines capacity and 16 characters per line
    Data acquisitionTouch-screen keyboard with function and alpha numerical keys.
    Control32-bit microprocessor with built-in real-time clock.Closed loop control with internal PID, Autotuning function for calculation and automatic PID tuning
    Closed loop time frequency100 Hz (100 times/second)
    ProtectionIP 68
    Real time informationTemperature setpoint.Real temperature.Elapsed time.Time remaining to complete the test.Selected program: full cycle / short cycle.Stretch of the cycle in which ,in every moment.
    Warnings reportsDisconected probe.Probe shorted.Resistance damaged or water lack.Temperature of filling water excessively low.
    LanguageSpanish, English and French (others under request)
    Net weight15 kg
    Dimensions710 x 450 x 280 mm
    Power4500 W
    Power supplySingle phase 110-240 V + G ~ 50 / 60 Hz