Calibration of Testing Machines

Calibration services of materials testing machines

Calibración de máquinas de ensayo de materiales The best way to assure the accuracy of test results is to calibrate the testing machine. Calibrating force measurement system along with deformation measurement system is a vital requirement for any materials testing user.

IBERTEST has one of the best equipped laboratories for calibrating testing machines approved by the European Union.

Our laboratory is accredited by ENAC (Nº7/LC10.003), in accordance with UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, in force and deformation magnitudes. We are authorized to issue calibration certificates.

Our Calibration Laboratory staff performs calibrations worldwide. Around 500 services are done on IBERTEST testing  machines and on any other manufacturer testing machine.

Force and Deformation calibration certificates issued by our Labortory are valid and recognized internationally by any Accreditation entity belonging to ILAC.

IBERTEST is ENAC accredited as calibration laboratory for testing machines and extensometers.