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  • Pendulum impact test – IMPACTEST Series

    Low load pendulum impact test, ISO and ASTM for plastics and composites.

    Equipement designed for Charpy and Izod test.

    Automatic pendulum releases, digital control system,color touchscreen and conexion to PC by USB.

    Designed to meet ISO 179, ASTM D6110, DIN 53453, DIN 53753, BS 7413, 50115 and ASTM E23 testing standards.

    Interchangeable impact test loads: from 1 J to 50 J, depending on the model

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    Product Description

    Full reliability for low loads impact test

    • Reliability on the results thanks to the standards test specifications  ISO 179, ASTM D6110, DIN 53453, DIN 53753, BS 7413, 50115 and ASTM E23
    • Repeatability for impact test energy measures and resilience, thanks to robust construction.
    • verification of principal elements for the Charpy test.erification of principal elements for the Charpy test. This process is developed by our official calibration ENAC laboratory staff, where we use internacional calibrated and traceable equipment which is available in our metrology laboratory.

    Advantages for materials test.

    • Digitization confidence: we can prove that the measurements taken for our transducers and digital compounds not distort Charpy test resault.
    • We verify the metered shown correspond with the real impact test energies. Our equipment can calculate energy impact test for Charpy test for several points and we compare them with the potencial energy, then we verify the equipment values shown with the calculate values
    • We issue a certificate for our each pendulum impact test, Charpy or Izod, to demonstrate meet requirements for impact test according the international standards ISO 179, ASTM D6110, DIN 53453, DIN 53753, BS 7413, 50115 and ASTM E23
    • Impact test energies interchangeables: from 1J to 50J.
    • Accuracy impact test: 0,01J
    • Release impact test with controller
    • Several configurations and accesories: for impact test according with ISO or ASTM, according with Charpy or IZOD tests
    • Multiple anvils and supports combinations to allow Charpy and Izod tests.
    • Support system helped to the correct specimen centered. Notch centered to issue the correct specimen position for impact test.

    User taking care for the impact test in our Charpy or Izod pendulum

    • Total perimeter protection made of polycarbonate and aluminium
    • Electric security locks for the released tests
    • Open access detection to prevent pendulum release.
    • Closing and detection elements according to international safety standards