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  • NEW Automatic planetary mortar mixer – IBERMIX

    NEW Planetary mixer, programmable, for the automatic execution of mixing cycles according to the standards for strength tests of cements, mortars and similar or free configuration for research works.

    The planetary mortar mixer covers the most demanding international standard for cement testing for cement and mortar samples preparation, gypsum, limes, additives, etc. and specifically: EN 196-1, EN 459-2, EN 1744, EN 1015-11, EN 13454-2, ASTM C 109, ASTM C305, BS 3892-1, BS 4551-1.

    • Electronic control module with 4.3” touch screen and IP66 protection, which is intuitive, safe, resistant and easy to use.
    • Precise digital communication between the control module and the frequency variator.
    • Great versatility, thanks to the possibility of setting fully customized mixing cycles.
    • Variable speed from the control module screen, to adapt to any standard or customer needs.
    • Optimized design to save space in the laboratory.
    • Innovative support and guidance system, for a robust and precise positioning of the bowl.
    • Planetary mixing movement, the paddle rotates on its own axis and driven in a planetary movement around the axis of the bowl, in opposite directions.
    • Automatic sand feeder.
    • Automatic or manual water dosing system, optionally available for mortar viscosity research tests.
    • Detection of the correct position of the bowl with sensors for proximity and position to ensure operator safety.
    • Nozzle for dust extraction system that allows the connection of an external vacuum.
    • Additive dispenser of liquid or solid.
    • Protection screen.
    • Emergency stop in compliance with compliance with EC marking Directives.

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    Product Description

    IBERTEST planetary mortar mixer general features

    IBERTEST mortar mixer, automatic and programmable to perform cement and mortar mixing, gypsum and lime in accordance with international testing standards.

    It fulfills the following standards: EN 196-1, EN 196-3,EN 459-2, EN 480, EN 1744, EN 1015-11, EN 13454-2, EN ISO 679, ASTM C109/C109M, ASTM C305, AASHTO T 162, DIN 1164-5, NF P15-314, BS 3892-1, BS 4551-1 and similars.

    Programing mixing cycles

    The new control module 43S, integrated in the front part of the equipment, has awith 4.3” (480×720) touch
    screen and IP66 protection, which is intuitive, safe, resistant
    and easy to use.

    The electronic module emits acoustic warnings and messages on the screen that inform and guide the user in its operation. The control module has 4 predefined cycles:

    1. Mortar mixing according to EN 196-1
    2. Mortar mixing according to ASTM C 305
    3. Pure cement paste mixing according to EN 196-3
    4. Pure cement paste mixing according to ASTM C 305

    Moreover, the control module is capable of making free configurations, which allows users to program other mixing cycles according to their particular needs, whether they are not preset mixing methods, tests for research, etc.

    When mixing cycles starts, the mortar mixer performs the different programmed steps automatically: low speed mixing, high speed mixing, cleaning pause, sand pouring, end, or loop, etc.

    The planetary movement assures a perfect mixing of the components. 

    Paddle revolving about its own axis and driven in a planetary movement around the axis of the bowl, in opposite directions.

    The mixer has two preset rotation speeds and two planetary movement speeds.

    • Rotation of paddle over its axis:
      • Slow: 140 ± 5 min-1
      • Fast: 285 ± 10 min-1
    • Rotation of paddle around bowl axis
      • Slow: 62,5 ± 5 min-1
      • Fast: 125 ± 10 min-1

    Additional to this two preset speeds, other rotation speed can be easily and accurately adjusted from the settings screen, gracias al variador electrónico deby means of an electric motor controlled by a variable frequency drive.

    No need for gears, clutches, etc. which guides to a minimum maintenance costs and time saving.

    Set of mixing paddle and bowl with adjustable gap.

    The mixing bowl, manufactured in stainless steel, is tightly fixed to the mortar mixer body to assure a perfect estability.

    The paddles are manufactured in cast stainless steel and treated with sand blast to cover estrictly with standard requirements.

    With the same bowl, changing the paddle, the user can perform even EN 196-1 or ASTM C305.

    Paddle and bowl are subject of wear on their normal use. When the tolerance between paddle and bowl has surpassed what’s demanded in the standard, the bowl can be vertically adjusted to fit again with the requirements.

    Automatic sand feeder.

    To produce the standardized mortar it is needed to use certified sand, according to EN 196-1 or ASTM C 305. The sand is placed on the sand feeder, which assures that sand is going to be discharged on the bowl in the time defined in the standard.

    Different sizes of sand feeders are available depending on the standard to follow. A larger sand feeder for up to 9 cement samples according to ASTM C109 can be easily mounted on the mortar mixer.

    Advantages of IBERTEST planetary mortar mixer for compression tests on cement, mortar and other construction materials:

    • The main body of the mortar mixer is manufactured in steel, very robust, to assure a free of vibrations mixing process.
    • Electrical motor commanded by frequency adapter assures to cover standard defined speeds with top accuracy and minimum maintenance.
    • Robust and reliable equipment, maintenance free.
    • Control module easily replaceable . No need of technical assistance to perform the substitution. The same module can be used in the mortar mixer, jolting table, Le Chatelier bath and as remote control of testing machines. Only a simple program change is needed and can be done via internet
    • Speed change by means of frequency variator warrants a smooth operation, without vibration or shocks. The mortar mixer can share furniture with other laboratory equipment without worrying about interferences.
    • Nozzle for dust extraction system that allows the connection of an external vacuum.
    • Free configuration of mixing cycles, adapted to any particular mixing need.
    • Multilanguage: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

    Safety elements

    • Protection screen against projections, made of transparent polycarbonate. It allows a clean and confortable operation, while protecting the user from entrapments or strikes of the mixing paddle when operating.
    • Bowl position, the mixer does not allow operation while bowl is not in the safe mixing position. Equipped with
      multiple sensors that prevent unsafe starts when the Bowl is not inserted or is in the lower postion.
    • Emergency stop: Security switch that immediately stops the equipment.




    Paddle movements

    Paddle revolving about its own axis and driven in a planetary movement around the axis ofthe bowl, in opposite directions

    Paddle revolving speed

    Low speed: 140 ± 5 min-1
    High speed: 285 ± 10 min-1

    Paddle planetary movement speed

    Low speed: 62 ± 5 min-1
    High speed: 125 ± 10 min-1

    Range of rotation speeds of the paddle

    From 10 to 300 ± 10 min-1

    Planetary movement speed range

    From 0.5 to 132 ± 10 min-1

    Sand feeder

    Automatic open and close. Ruled by the AP electronic controller.

    Gap between paddle and bowl

    3 ± 1 mm (Adjustable by the user)

    Preset mixing methods

    For cement mortar according to EN 196-1
    For cement mortar according to ASTM C 305
    For pure cement paste according to EN 196-3
    For pure cement paste according to ASTM C 305

    Mixing cycles for free programming

    Up to 5 freely configurable mixing programs

    Available programming mixing steps

    1. Low speed, during a specified time.
    2. Low speed + sand feeding, with acoustic warning during the process.
    3. High speed, during a specified time.
    4. Cleaning time with countdown timer. The mixing stops and then the safety screen can be opened for the cleaning of the bowl. Acoustic beeps warning of close end of the selected cleaning time, so that the user can closes the safety screen and continues to the next step of the mixing cycle.
    5. Pause time.
    6. Unlimited stand-by time. During the “stand-by” time, the display indicates: “press ENTER KEY to continue”
    7. Technical loop (usually used for checks and adjustments of the Technical Service). When finished a complete cycle, the technical loop links to a new one. The technical loop will repeat continuous cycles until the users press any key.

    Power consumption

    500 W

    Power supply

    Single phase 230 V + G ~ 50 Hz (others on demand)


    Width x length x height: 620 x 300 x 660 mm

    Net weight

    60 kg