“Technical support has never been easier”

Telediagnosis Service - SAE Ibertest

Telediagnosis Service – SAE Ibertest

TELEDIAGNOSIS is a remote diagnostic service and maintenance support, available for all IBERTEST equipment and testing achines equipped with data acquisition system by computer.

The immediate attention of TELEDIAGNOSIS service for customers located worldwide, minimizes downtimes and avoids delays in the work of laboratory, while reducing or eliminating the overhead of moving the IBERTEST technicians.

To run TELEDIAGNOSIS a link program is used which establishes a remote connection to control the computer of the machine, quick and safe, ensuring IBERTEST services even at facilities with distant locations. (Minimum conexion velociti required : 5MB/s).

Thereby, an easy and effective intervention from our Technical Service is possible regardless of the location of the machine, as long as an access to INTERNET is available. Even on those occasions when the Technical Service must act “in situ”, the TELEDIAGNOSIS is helpful to clearly identify the problem and choose the best solution to fix it.

In short, the immediate attention of TELEDIAGNOSIS service minimizes downtimes and avoids delays in the work of laboratory, while reducing or eliminating the overhead of moving the IBERTEST technicians.

For a technical support it is essential to contact first the technical department for the acceptance of the support demand.

Then download the program from this link. Once downloaded, execute it and notify the ID displayed on the screen to the technical department. Wait until the technical department proceeds to the connection.

Para efectuar el soporte técnico es indispensable ponerse en contacto primero con el servicio técnico para que acepte la petición de servicio.

A continuación descargar el programa desde este enlace. Una vez descargado, ejecutarlo e indicar al servicio técnico el ID que aparece en pantalla. Esperar a que el servicio técnico establezca la conexión.

Pour réaliser une assistance technique il est indispensable de contacter d’abord le service technique pour qu’il accepte la demande de service.

Ensuite décharger le programme depuis ce lien. Une fois déchargé, exécuter le programme et indiquer au service technique l’ID qui apparait à l’écran. Attendre jusqu’à ce que le service technique établisse la connexion.

Para realizar o suporte técnico, é essencial entrar em contato primeiro com o serviço técnico para aceitar a solicitação de serviço.

Então baixe o programa de este link. Uma vez baixado, execute-o e indique ao serviço técnico o ID que aparece na tela. Aguarde o serviço técnico para estabelecer a conexão.

Real-time online connection - SAE Ibertest

Real-time online connection – SAE Ibertest

During a TELEDIAGNOSIS session, the following actions can be performed:

› Software correction and review: IBERTEST technicians can inspect the software file system, looking for wrong configurations, lost files and directories, corrupted files, viruses or others. Once the errors are detected, only the appropriate libraries and changes are transferred, without reinstalling complete programs.

› Remote handling: IBERTEST technicians can operate the remote machine in real time to perform maneuvers, tests of mechanical movement, installation of testing transducers and accessories, verification of electrical and electronic systems, on/off alarm and security systems, etc.

› Videoconference: Through webcam a videoconference between client and our technicians can be mantained, thus we can get visual-information about the correct operation of the machine’s mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Customer Laboratory - SAE Ibertest

Customer Laboratory

Also, by written or voice messages, it is possible to exchange views and comments, and give apropriate instructions to the user, when necessary, to perform some physical action in the

› Updates: The software can be easily updated to its latest version, which allows enjoying the advantages resulting from the continuing work of review and program development.

This will allow you to enjoy the advancements derived from the ongoing review and development of the program.

› Factory reset: All machines have a backup, stored in our servers in Madrid, which allows you to restore the original configurations when necessary.
Remote diagnostic service by TELEDIAGNOSIS is free during the first year and during the warranty period. After the guarantee period, many of our customers require the Annual Telediagnosis Pass, which covers interventions of up to 5 hours a year.