Telediagnosis Optional Service

Telediagnosis Service - SAE Ibertest

Telediagnosis Service – SAE Ibertest

TELEDIAGNOSIS is a remote diagnostic service and maintenance support, available for all IBERTEST testing machines equipped with the “W” system for control, programming and data-acquisition by
means of computer.

To run TELEDIAGNOSIS a link program is used which establishes a remote connection to the control computer of the machine When connected, our technicians are able to take control of the testing machine, as if they were in front of it, to act on the problem quickly and effectively, without displacements to your laboratory.

Even on those occasions when the Technical Service must act “in situ”, the TELEDIAGNOSIS is helpful to clearly identify the problem and choose the best solution to fix it.

So, intervention from our Technical Service is possible regardless of the location of the machine, as long as an access to a fast Internet (ADSL or similar) is available..

In short, the immediate attention of TELEDIAGNOSIS service minimizes downtimes and avoids delays in the work of laboratory, while reducing or eliminating the overhead of moving the
IBERTEST technicians.

Real-time online connection - SAE Ibertest

Real-time online connection – SAE Ibertest

During a TELEDIAGNOSIS session, the following actions can be performed:

›› Software correction and review: IBERTEST technicians can inspect the file system software WINTEST32 test,  wrong configurations, lost files and directories, corrupted files by viruses, etc. Once detected errors, only the appropriate libraries and changes are transferred, without reinstalling complete programs..

›› Remote handling: IBERTEST technicians can handle the remote machine in real time to perform maneuvers, tests of mechanical movement, installation of testing transducers and accessories, verification of electrical and electronic systems, on/off alarm and security systems, etc.

›› Videoconference: Via web-cam a videoconference between client and our technicians can be mantained, thus we can get invaluable visual-information about the correct operation of the machine’s mechanical and hydraulic systems. Also,by written or voice messages,
it is possible to exchange views and comments, and give appropriate instructions to the user,
when necessary, to perform some physical
action in the machine.

Customer Laboratory - SAE Ibertest

Customer Laboratory

›› Updates: The WINTEST32 software can be easily updated to its latest version (as long as the computer are able to support it). This allows enjoying the advantages resulting from the continuing work of review and program development.

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