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  • Instrumented impact testing for Charpy Impact Test

    Fully compliant with ISO 14556 and ASTM E2298
    IBERTEST is placed at the forefront of materials testing technology, with the development of a new instrumented impact testing system with the latest technology in the market.

    Traditional impact testing, Non-intrumented, provides useful, standardized and easily comparable data. However, due to their nature, the amount of information they can offer is quite limited.

    Instrumented impact testing, on the other hand, provides continuous measurement of the force signal, of the striker, during the short duration of the impact. This method gives much more information about the fracture behavior of the material than traditional Charpy tests. It is especially suitable for Tech Centers, Authorized Laboratories, Universities and Research Institutes.

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    Product Description

    Instrumented impact testing directly provides the maximum force, yield point and energy absorbed before brittle fracture, among other data. Besides, it can be used to estimate the percent of shear fracture and fracture toughness. Another advantage, is the ability to classify specimens into standard categories, from the shape of the measured curve.

    Thanks to this, it is possible to observe material characteristics that can often be overlooked or wrongfully settled during traditional testing. For example, transition temperature determination is much more evident and precise than through the method of visual estimation of the broken specimen surface.

    Comparation Same Material Different Temperature

    IBERTEST Charpy Tester – Instrumented Test Method

    System features: 
    • Fully compliant with ISO 14556:2000 and ASTM E2298-09.
    • Available for PIB-300-MW (300J), PIB-450-MW (450J) and PIB-750-MW (750J) models assembly. Installation on older models may be possible after a technical enquiry.
    • Compact design: acquisition hardware and analysis software in the same system.
    • Interchangeable striker tups.
    • Suitable for standard size and miniaturized specimens.
    • State of the art data acquisition:
    • Sample rate: 1Mhz.
    • Resolution: 16bits.
    • Acquisition length: up to 100 msec.
    • Impact detection and automatic processing of the captured data, allowing fast batch testing.
    • Compatible with WinCharpy® software for storing, viewing and analyzing previous tests.
    • Modern and powerful graphical analysis tool, allowing several simultaneous tests on screen for comparison. Especially suitable for studying the behavior changes from temperature variation or batch disparity analysis.
    Graph comparison window_en 
    • Digital filtering with smart transient correction.
    • Automatic detection of points of interest and type of curve according to the standards. It also allows manual fine tuning.
    • Determination of percent shear fracture, fracture toughness and statistical energy parameters.
    • Image and table full data exporting.