“Turnkey” laboratories for the cement industry, according to EN or ASTM standards

The cement sector is an industry of high strategic value for the development and sustainability of the economy of any country, being considered a powerful motor for the creation of stable and quality employment.

As a vital component for the construction of infrastructures, cement is subject to strict quality controls, both of its raw materials and of the final product, through the performance of different normalized physical-chemical tests that guarantee a series of homogeneous properties and characteristics, in accordance with international legislation.

IBERTEST, as a manufacturer of testing machines and equipment for quality control and research, with an experience of 50 years (since 1970) in the cement and related materials sector, is specialized in the supply of complete “turnkey” laboratories for physical-chemical testing of cement, including the integral development of the project, adapted to the specific needs of the client.

Thus, within this integral development, the sequential execution of the following phases is contemplated:

The design of the laboratory and distribution, by areas, of the equipment and auxiliary services (including, if requested, the technical furniture), on customer’s plans or originals, projected by IBERTEST’s Technical Office.

The global supply of machines, equipment, accessories, auxiliary material, consumables and, optionally, technical furniture, necessary for the immediate start-up of the laboratory, placed at any of the current INCOTERMS, previously agreed with customer.

The installation and initial commissioning, by its specialist technicians, of all the equipment supplied, anywhere around the world.
Theoretical and practical training courses given by its specialists, during commissioning of the equipment.

Immediate help and remote maintenance service, “on line”, through “Telediagnosis service”.
Additional possibility of formalizing annual preventive maintenance contracts, in person, with IBERTEST T.A.S.

In this way, IBERTEST provides a complete solution adapted to each client needs by means of the integral design of the laboratory destined to quality control of cement, depending on production capacity of each traditional cement plant or cement grinding plant and on current normative used in the performance of the different physical-chemical tests, either by means of European EN or American ASTM standards.

Furthermore, its specialists will give a training course to the technical team of the plant, ensuring a correct and exhaustive performance of the standardized physical-chemical tests (EN or ASTM) and providing a wide organizational vision of the different areas related to the quality laboratory.

The great experience accumulated throughout 5 decades, with more than 40 turnkey laboratories supplied to different plants, spread all over the world, consolidates IBERTEST, in this type of projects, as a European reference for the international cement industry.

The quality of its equipment, widely demonstrated throughout these years, combined with a internationally recognised know-how, allows IBERTEST to guarantee, in all its phases, the development of this type of “turnkey” project for cement quality control and its implementation and start-up, anywhere in the world, with total reliability and technical support.

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