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  • Force Calibration Unit UCF-430


    This unit complies with UNE-EN ISO 7500 and ASTM E4 standards.

    UCF-430 Force Calibration Unit is the most efficient, steady and the easiest system for high-precision calibration requirements. Designed to be used wherever there is a need to perform high-precision calibrations. Without any doubt, the best option to be used as a calibration chain for on-site measurements of load cells in equipment such as testing machines, presses, hydraulic actuators and others.

    This unit has a wide range of sensitivity up to ±3 mV/V. Available up to ± 10 mV/V on demand.

    The design facilitates the verification and/or calibration of force measurement elements by using reference load cells.  It allows to store up to 50 load cells, each one with its calibration parameters and its corresponding linearization function, ensuring the maximum accuracy in all the measuring range.

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    Product Description

    Force Calibration and Verification Unit UCF-430

    The equipment has a very intuitive interface that stands out in the simplicity and clarity of the information displayed, since all important data for calibration is shown due to its 4.3″ touch screen.

    It has high accuracy that in trials carried out at a controlled temperature of 21ºC is:
    > 0,004 % from 10 %.
    > 0,01 % from 5 %.

    The equipment provides the measurements in mV/V and also the force reading (kN, N, Kgf or Lbf) applying inverse polynomial interpolation up to fifth order.


    It is possible to capture data, saving calibrations without using additional software.
    USB Port for data recording or data communication with Ibertest WINCAL software or any other software compatible with MGCPlus protocol.
    Ambient temperature measurement by means of a manual probe type PT-100 with a resolution of 0.1 ºC, possibility of calibration adjustment. No external equipment is required for temperature measurement during calibrations since the integrated probe records it.
    Temperature measurement inside the equipment with a resolution of 0.1 ºC to control and maintain optimal conditions at the time of the calibration process.
    The temperature inside the equipment is controlled by a PID system cooling fan that has the ability to vary its operating speed based on the desired temperature.
    The unit has the option of selecting multiple languages.


    The equipment software is incredibly fast, intuitive and easy to use even for people without previous training with these devices.
    Menus are easy to navigate and – as well as the rest of the equipment – have the possibility of being displayed in multiple languages according to the user’s preference.
    There is also an option to prevent unwanted access to system information by setting a password.
    The software allows the registration from up to 50 load cells and its information without connection to a PC.


    • Force Calibration Unit UCF-430
    • PT-100 temperature probe.
    • A/C power supply cable.
    • Pushbutton for load holds.
    • Fitted carrying case.
    • Set of load cells to be selected by customer.


    Ibertest offers the possibility of acquiring, together with the equipment, the load cells that the customers require, with a wide range of available capacities.

    Compression 100 N – 50000 kN
    Tensile 100 N – 1000 kN


    Input typeFull-bridge strain gauge
    Input rangeUp to 3 mv/V (10mV/V optional)
    Excitation voltage4,7 - 5,2 VDC
    Maximum exitation intensity200 mA
    Bridge resistance200 - 500 Ω
    Connection type4 / 6 threads
    Resolution0,000001 mV/V (7 digits with floating comma)
    RoundingRounded values to 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 y 100
    Internal resolution24 bits
    Update rate100 Hz
    CalibrationUp to 12 points in full range
    FilterAdjustable time up to 24 s
    A/D converter methodSigma Delta
    Error limit± 0.02 % FS
    Thermal drift< 3 ppm / ºC
    Zero drift< 10 nV / ºC
    Data baseAllows to register up to 50 load cells including:
    - Stock Number
    - Load cell capacity (kN)
    - Direction of applied force
    - Brand of load cell
    - Model of load cell
    - Fabrication Number
    - The 5 values of the fifth grade interpolation polynomial (kN)
    Screen typeTouch screen TFT LCD
    Screen size4,3 ´´
    Response time4 ms
    Screen protectionIP66 / IP65 / NEMA4X anti-dust and waterproof
    Operating temperaturefrom 0 to + 50 ºC
    Data storage temperaturefrom - 20 to + 60 ºC
    Relative humidity5 - 95 %
    Short-circuit protectionYes
    Power supplysingle-phase 110 - 240 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
    Dimensions300 mm (width) x 150 mm (high) x 300 mm (deep)
    Weight1,5 kg