4. Accessories, testing devices and auxiliary equipment

Accessories, testing devices and auxiliary equipment | IBERTEST

The main accesories for a materials testing machine are tensile gripping heads and other testing fixtures.
Testing fixtures are the devices and elements which act directly over the sample during the test. There are devices for compression, bending, folding, peel, shear, high temperature tests and many other applications.
There is a wide variety of gripping heads and testing devices. Their main specifications are defined according the type of material to be tested, sample dimensions, type of test to be performed and its maximum load.
Other common accesories are furnaces and climatic chambers which allows the test to be executed under controlled ambient conditions: high or low temperature, particular humidity conditions, etc.
For an accurate deformation study of the sample along the test, it is needed to use extensometers (linear displacement transducers) placed directly over the samples and which measures only sample deformation, axial or transversal.

Finally there are several surrounding but not less important elements needed for preparing test sample. A materials test can be ruined due to an improper preparation of the sample to be tested.

IBERTEST provides automated and robotized solutions for a full automation of the testing process.