Sector: Wood and forest resources
Client: University
Location: Bolivia
Execution period: 2013

Customer needs

Value the country’s natural resources and market them for export is a major source of revenue for the national economy, but it is necessary to comply with strict quality standards that are demanded by the international market.

The Agroforestry Research Laboratory’s mission is to characterize the mechanical properties of various local wood species in order to recover them.

The great diversity of species, each with its own particular properties, and the different types of tests that must be performed, results in the need for highly versatile equipment with wide measuring ranges and free space for specimens of different dimensions.

Solution provided by IBERTEST

IBERTEST has provided a universal testing machine EUROTEST 100, with interchangeable devices, which allows mechanical tests on wood specimens of many different types and dimensions.

The supply includes the commissioning and training at the client’s laboratory.


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