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  • Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine – IBMT4 Series

    Flexible design that allows the fitting to material testing needs.

    Its testing capacity up to 3000 kN enables to test specimens made of high strength materials and large dimensions.

    Its Optimized design concept, minimizes the potential occurrence of problems and makes easier the installation, preventive and corrective maintenance.

    This is an perfect machine for tensile test in metallic materials.

    Meets the requirements of the major test standards internationally, such as ISO 6892 or ASTM E23, as well as existing legislation on machines safety.

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    Product Description

    Robustness, reliability and accuracy of hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

    The IBMT4 series is a testing machine solution with a structural frame with 4 columns of high strength steel, which provide the necessary stiffness to meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy at high loads of materials testing.

    Advantages for Materials Testing

    • 100% automatic operation, Hydraulic cylinder motion is performed by a high quality servo valve, ensuring better precision in the test.
    • Hydraulic gripping heads for maximum clamping assurance.
    • Total adaptation to customer needs.
    • Configurable dimensions preserving maximum stiffness criteria.
    • Can be equipped with several interchangeable load cells.
    • Gripping Head guided by 4 columns, ensuring optimum performance against lateral loads and ensuring conservation of axiality.
    • Allows control testing speed by load, displacement and strain.

    More information

    Platos de compresión diseñados para conexión directa a cabezal de máquina de ensayos.

    Compression plates, designed for direct connection to machine gripping heads.

    The IBMT4 testing machines series of IBERTEST  have several kind of testing heads as well as other differents testing devices, that allows to do different types of test:

    • Tensile test according to ISO 6892, ISO 1608, EN 10002-1 and ASTM E23
    • Compression test ASTM D695
    • Bending test according to ASTM E290
    • Folding test
    • Shearing test
    • Fatigue test (at low frequencies)
    • Others as the test according to NADCAP GE-S400, CREEP, ASTM E 139

    All these tests realized in many different materials such as:

    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Other metals
    • Composites
    • Wood
    • Cement
    • Concrete
    Puente de flexión y plegado diseñado para conexión directa a cabezal máquina de ensayos.

    Bending and folding device designed for direct connection to machine gripping heads.

    In our metrology laboratory where we have profile projector, hardness testers, roughness, 3D  Coordinate measuring machines, etc.. are verified all key components of IBERTEST testing machines.

    Our testing machines not only ensure its quality through quality control of each component, the machine is verified in a global way and functionality, being calibrated by our official calibration and certification laboratory, accredited by ENAC (ILAC member) which issues a calibration certificate valid internationally according to ISO 7500-1.






    Accuracy according to standard ISO 7500

    Class 0,5

    Measurement range

    From 1% to 100% of the load cell nominal capacity (autoscale)

    Load resolution

    5 digits with floating coma

    Load cell

    Universal strain-gage load cell (tension-compression). Additional load cells can be installed

    Load cell repeatability

    Best or equal to ± 0,05 %

    Piston stroke

    580 mm

    600 mm

    Free distance (between columns)

    600 x 350 mm

    700 x 400 mm

    800 x 450 mm

    800 x 480 mm

    Max.distance between tensile gripping heads

    610 mm

    700 mm

    720 mm

    Max. distance between compresion plates

    400 mm

    500 mm

    Displacement resolution

    0.001 mm (1 μm)

    Testing frame dimensions: (width x depth x height)

    800 x 620 x 2650 mm

    980 x 720 x 3182 mm

    1150 x 880 x 3600 mm

    1200 x 940 x 3850 mm


    3000 kg

    4300 kg

    7800 kg

    8300 kg

    Power supply

    Three-phase 380 V plus neutral and ground, 50/60 Hz (to specify)
    Power < 2 kW