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  • Hydraulic gripping heads IB186

    Hydraulic gripping heads with wedge closing system. Capacities availables up to 2000kN. Extreme clamping force adjustable from hydraulic group. Other devices could be used directly on the grips. Automatic opening and closing with remote control. Specially desinged for high tensile test loads and dynamic tests.

    Does not allow to open the grips if sample is under tension load.

    Maximum oil pressure for closing: 250 bar.

    Available hydraulic group independient  of the machine.


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    Product Description

    Hydraulic gripping heads to 2000kN to tensile test and dynamic tests

    Capacities: 600kN, 1000kN, 1500kN y 2000kN

    Wedge fastening: the clamping force increases as the tensile test  load increases.

    Hydraulic actuation: remote control. Allows high clamping forces and ensure that the test specimen will not slide during the tensile test.

    Clamping surface:  V serrated for round specimens or pyramidal surface for flat specimens.

    Other devices can be used on the gripping heads for bending test, compression test, machined specimen test, etc.

    Specially desinged for hydraulic testing machines.

    Dynamic test

    Thanks to the clamping force, IB186 gripping heads can be used for dynamic tests, even dynamic tests with zero passing (tensile-compression)

    The clamping force is 1.6 times higher than the nominal grips force. It allows that they can be used for tensile test and dynamic test.