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50th anniversary of IBERTEST

In 2020, S.A.E IBERTEST celebrated its 50th anniversary since its foundation. 50 years in which customer satisfaction has always been our priority objective. 50 years committed to innovation. 50 years of effort, perseverance and adaptation to the latest technologies in the sector. 50 years in which quality is the differentiating element in all our products. 50 years with our sights set on the present and the future. 50 years of Advanced Testing Solutions.
During these 50 years of life we have offered design, innovation and technology of the highest level to be at the forefront both in Spain and worldwide. Our values are still the same as in our origins and are based on initiative and market vision, a relationship of trust with our customers, teamwork and passion in everything we do.
From IBERTEST we thank our clients and collaborators in the five continents for having accompanied us on this long and exciting journey, which we hope to continue along together for many years to come.


On March 3, 1970, IBERTEST was born as a personal project.

COVID-19 did not allow us, in March 2020, to celebrate our 50th anniversary and this year, as the pandemic is still with us, we are looking forward to the happy moment to celebrate it in health and freedom.

However, we can make this “virtual ” celebration and remember the humble beginnings of our Company, which had only four employees and a small office in Madrid city centre.

Today we are more than 40 people (70% of them with higher degrees) working in excellent manufacturing and office facilities with an area of about 3000 m2, located 20 minutes from Madrid International Airport. As well as a large number of auxiliary workshops working for us according to our specifications and under strict quality control.

IBERTEST has a valuable technological past acquired, thanks on the one hand, personally, during my formative years in Germany in the companies Mohr Federhaff Losenhausen (Mannheim) and Tonindustrie Pruftechnik (Berlin), which have always been part of our DNA and, on the other hand, the progressive incorporation of young Spanish engineers who were consolidating the path with innovative technological solutions, without forgetting the valuable contributions of many of our customers with their accurate technical suggestions.

To date, more than 6500 machines, equipment or systems for static or dynamic tests on all types of elements used in civil or mechanical engineering have left our factory and are operational in more than 70 countries.

Our new and innovative developments, such as Centres for Testing Railway Elements, systems for the Aeronautical sector, Technological Institutes for Materials Testing, Cement Factories, etc. and their great acceptance at a global level, have given us a “plus” that differentiates us from our competitors and the conviction that we are on the right track.

The recognition of our customers and their global distribution ensure good stability in the future.
Let us hope that COVID-19 will enable us to achieve those dreams.

Finally, I would like to extend a big hug to all IBERTEST colleagues, to our Representatives and Distributors around the world and particularly to our dear customers/friends.

Thank you for 50 years together!

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