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  • Fixtures for flexural, bending and folding test

    Fixtures for flexure, bending and folding test

    Capacity: from 1 kN up to 5MN

    Flexural, bending and folding

    Flexural test with 3-point , 4-point or distributed load: depending on whether the load is done concentrated at one or two point.

    Support geometry:

    • Rollers: fixed or interchangeable cylinders
    • Carved semirollers: fixed
    • Others: according to specific geometry of flexural test

    Performance od supports: during flexural test, the supports can have several degrees of freedom

    • Rotation
    • Swinging
    • Witout movement

    Support gap: adjustable or fixed

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    Product Description

    Fixtures for flexural, bending and folding test

    Capacities: from 1 kN to 5MN