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  • Electromechanical desktop testing machine – Serie MONOTRAC / DUOTRAC

    Compact, ergonomic and modern design, keeping maximum performance, for material testing.

    With the right combination of accessories can do the tensile test ISO 6892, ISO 1608, EN 10002-1and ASTM E23, ASTM D695 compression test, bending test ASTM E290, test according to NADCAP, test to rubbers and elastomers on ISO 37, ruber properties ASTM D413, ASTM D412.

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    Product Description

    The electromechanical desktop solution for low load material testing

    MONOTRAC and DUOTRAC series present the state of the art testing specifications combined with a modern look and ergonomic design.

    Electrical servomotor driven, maintence-free, for precise, quiet and smooth work.

    Testing capacities

    The MONOTRAC series is a single-column and single-screw test system with capacities ranging from 1 kN to 5 kN.

    The DUOTRAC series is a test system with two columns and two screws, with capacities from 1 kN to 10 kN.

    Advantages for materials testing

    • Optimized test space to perform any materials testing , using the right accessories.
    • Automatic operation , servocontroled in force, displacement and strain.
    • Mobile crosshead, powered by one prestressed ballscrew, guided by one chromed steel column for MONOTRAC series.
    • Mobile crosshead, powered by two prestressed ballscrews, guided by two chromed steel columns for DUOTRAC series.
    • Extended frame Options , preserving maximum stiffness criteria for materials testing at large dimension or high elongation .
    • Ability to equip it with several load cells to improve accuracy of measurement and control at very low loads .
    • Automatic recognition of cells and extensometers.

    More information

    IBERTEST as official calibration laboratory accredited by ENAC , calibrate whole our machines according to international standards for verification of performance and functionality.

    This is done with highly qualified staff, specially trained for such tasks.

    This series of electromechanical machines can perform many tests: tensile test according to ISO 6892 , EN 10002 – 1and ASTM E23, ASTM E290 bending test , tests according to NADCAP GE- S400 , CREEP ASTM E 139 , ASTM E190 test on welds , testing shear , material testing at high temperature EN1002 -5 compression test ASTM D695 , ASTM E 1012 , ISO 1608 , fatigue tests with constant amplitude BS EN ISO 7270, fatigue tests at low frequency NFA 03403 , ASTM D412 .

    Test can be performed on specimens of different sizes and shapes of preparation: standardized specimens with threaded head or machined flat, welded metal joints mechanical , adhesive bonding , etc. .

    All materials for their test specimen dimensions fit in the maximum capacity of the machine, can be tested in the testing machine MONOTRAC or DUOTRAC: steel, elastomers, wood, rubber , aluminum , composites , titanium , plastics, biomaterials , cement , equipment medical prosthetic tooth .
















    Class ISO 7500-1




    Maximum load


    3 kN


    5 kN


    5 kN


    10 kN


    Force measurement


    Universal (tensile-compresion) extensometric-bands load cell


    Measuring range


    From 1 % to 100 % of the load cell nominal capacity


    30 - 3.000 N


    50 - 5.000 N


    50 - 5.000 N


    100 - 10.000 N


    Force resolution


    0,1 N (1)




    1 grounded column, chrome-plated steel


    2 grounded columns, chrome-plated steel


    Ball screws


    1 high precision ball screw, with scrapers


    2 high precision ball screw, with scrapers


    Mobile crosshead


    Driven by the ball screws, guided by the 2 columns. End of stroke with proximity detectors.


    Motor drive


    Synchronous servomotor (Brushless) with direct drive to screws by reducers. Enables displacement (mm/min) and load (kN/s) closed loop control


    Gear transmission


    Motor-pulley and reducer-pulley connecting via HTD precision teeth belt


    Movement speed range (mm/min)


    0,01 a 500,00


    Load speed range (kN/s)


    Between 1% and 10% of maximum load capacity (others on demand)


    0,0003 a 0,3 kN/s


    0,0005 a 0,5 kN/s


    0,0005 a 0,5 kN/s


    0,001 a 1 kN/s


    Crosshead position measurement




    Crosshead position resolution


    0,001 mm (1 micron)


    Power supply


    Single-phase 220V + earth, 50/60 Hz


    Power consumption


    500 W


    Vertical free light with load cell, without fixtures


    500 mm (version /500)

    1200 mm (version /1200)


    700 mm (version /700)

    1200 mm (version /1200)


    Free distance between columns (or adapter and column)


    66 mm (2)


    400 mm (3)


    Dimensions (mm)


    390 x 300 x 1040 mm (version /500)

    390 x 300 x 1680 mm (version /1200)


    640 x 240 x 1230 mm (version /700)

    640 x 240 x 1730 mm (version /1200)


    Approx. weight without testing fixtures


    40 kg

    55 kg


    80 kg

    105 kg




    Emergency push-button, located in the front of the machine


    (1) 5 digits with floating point.

    (2) Available with 122mm distance (reduce in 30% the maximum capacity).

    (3) Available with 600 mm or 800 mm free distance between columns.