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Mechanical tensile gripping heads IB243

Mechanical-type gripping heads with wedge fastening system. Capacities available to 50 kN.

Special version to work in a controlled temperature  environment : -70 to +280°C

Ability initial clamping force thanks to lateral lever actuation.

Easy installation on the testing machine with bolt.

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Product Description

Mechanical gripping heads to 50kN

Capabilities: 20kN and 50kN

Wedge fastening system: clamping force  increases as tensile testing load increases

Mechanical acting: manual lateral lever system. Fast, reliable and allows pre tightening on test specimens

Weight compensation acting: opcional

Jaws: Pyramid (serrated) jaws for flap testing specimen and “V” serrated jaws, for round testing specimens.

Easy installation on the testing machine with bolt

Particularly suited to use on electromechanical testing machine for low loads TESTCOM series.