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Mechanical tensile gripping heads IB154

Mechanical gripping heads with lateral closing system. Capacities available to 20 kN.

Made of aluminium or steel depend on the max load.

A wide range jaws.

Quick change system of jaw surfaces without any additional tools.

Specially desinged for electromechanical testing machine with low loads, TESTCOM

Work range temperature from 0ºC to 180ºC. Available from -10ºC to 350ºC.

Opening up to 100mm

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Product Description

Mechanical tensile gripping heads to 20kN

Capacities: 10kN y 20kN

Lateral closing system: the clamping force does not change during the tensile test. Specially designed for specimens susceptible to being crushed with the jaws

Mechanical actuation: manual using lateral lever. Fast, reliable and it allows to do a pre grip on the specimens test

Jaws: different dimensions and surfaces. Pyramidal (serrated), blank (smooth), rubber coated or diamond coated

Easy to install on the material testing machine with bolt.

Specially designed to use for electromechanical tabletop testing machine, TESTCOM type.