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  • Testing Solutions for Railway Industry


    Soluciones de ensayo para la Industria

    Currently Spain is one of the countries with the highest density of high-speed lines per km2 worldwide.

    The companies of this industry are being getting large projects in many countries, because of their vast experience and the quality of their solutions.

    IBERTEST has participated from the beginning in development of Spanish high-speed lines. Its contribution is modest but very relevant, because with the IBERTEST testing machines for components and rail infrastructure, the relevant government agencies verify the quality of different elements, such as: welded rail joints, elastic fastening systems, sleepers, roling stock, etc.

    This quality control over the track components, its fastening elements of track, sleepers, etc. ensures that the materials and fixtures used are not going to fail, provided a proper installation, suitable maintenance and renewal.

    Dynamic and static tests verify that the passage of a high-speed train over 300 km/h during thousands times not weaken the track or adjacent elements, and in any case that never occurs a break.

    Railway Track Components and international standards

    Typical Railway Track Arrangement

    Currently IBERTEST testing solutions for Industry of High-Speed Railway are present in Spain, France, Austria and Saudi Arabia.

    In 2014 IBERTEST has supplied a testing laboratory with several testing machines for rail elements for the high-speed line linking Mecca with Medina in Saudi Arabia. (see news)

    Flexural test on welded rail joints in high speed rail according to EN 14587-1