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High speed railway test equipment for project “MEDINA- LA MECA”:

IBERTEST has been selected as manufacturer of materials testing machines and equipments for quality control over raw materials, finished product and welded joints.

Several testing machines are going to be used to demonstrate the quality of the products manufactured by some of the companies of the Spanish consortium. Saudi Arabia authorities will accept the products once the test have been performed and the results demonstrate that they cover and surpasses the base specifications defined in the project.

Machines supplied are:

MFIB-2000 for railway bending test according to EN 14587 and EN 14730

 MEH-3000-MD2W + FIB-100-MD2W combined compression and bending machine for testing according to EN 12390-4, ISO 4012, ASTM C39, ASTM C683, ASTM 1609, etc

PEV-500-MD2W machine for bending test over concrete sleepers according to EN 13230?2

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