We can help you finding your test machine

  • Tailored testing machines. Special custom developments.

    IBERTEST testing machines designed according to customer’s particular requirements.

    For special testing materials and elements that can not be tested with a standard testing machine.

    Special tensile and compressive static tests, dynamic test of large specimens and/or with complex geometry .

    Dynamic tests, widely applied in materials testing and quality control of products (or semi finished product), simulating actual conditions and working requeriments.

    Consultation or budget requests

    Product Description

    Design your solution for materials testing

    Our R & D and technical departments work to develop tailored solutions for your materials testing special needs.

    If you can not find a materials testing machine for quality control that you can use for your application, IBERTEST can design and manufacture a solution that meets all your needs.

    Whatever the test requirement about dimensions, force capacity, frame stiffness, type of solicitation for static or dynamic testing, we can create the solution for you, supporting you with technical assistance and within your budget.

    Advantages you can get with IBERTEST special solution

    • Your test solution is designed exclusively for your application
    • Your manufacturing and quality control is done according to the most demanding international standards
    • Unlimited dimensions and capacity design
    • Hydraulic, electromechanical, pneumatic and electrodynamic actuators can be applied to your needs
    • Multiple actuators can be combined to configure a multiaxial materials testing solution.


    A special solution can be designed to perform an specific and unique purpose (like test for quality control or product certification) or multiple purposes (like materials research) or be adapted to conventional standards: tensile test according to ISO 6892, EN 10002-1 and ASTM E23, ASTM E290 bending test , trials by NADCAP GE-S400, CREEP ASTM E 139, ASTM E190 test on welds, shear test, materials testing at high temperature EN1002-5 compression test ASTM D695, ASTM E 1012, ISO 1608, fatigue tests constant amplitude BS EN ISO 7270, fatigue tests at low frequency NFA 03403, ASTM D412.


    The IBERTEST calibration laboratory, officially accredited by ENAC,  calibrate all these solutions to verify and demonstrate that the final obtained performance are according to the initital design requirements.

    Calibration operations are done by IBERTEST highly qualified, specially trained technical staff.