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5000kN multi-purpose testing system for railway components

Sector: Railway

Testing System IBMT4-5000/25-MD5i

Universal testing system for characterization of railway components (rails and sleepers), designed in cooperation with the Railway Transportation Testing Center (RTTC), integrated in the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), Ministry of Science and Technology (Gov Thailand).
End user: Railway Transportation Testing Center (RTTC), Ministry of Science and Technology (Gov. Thailand)

IBMT4-5000 machine in our facilities

Capacity: 5000 kN static and 25 kN dynamic
Test possibilities: Tensile, compression and bending on rails, bending of sleepers, testing of isolated rail joints, multipurpose dynamic tests. The system allows to perform tests according to the main European and American standards and manuals related to these components, such as EN 13230-2, EN 13230-3, EN 13230-4, EN 14587-1, EN 14587-2, EN 14730-2, AREMA chapter 4, as well as other standards belonging to entities such as GOST, UIC, AS, etc.

IBMT4-5000 machine rail tensile device

Technological advantages IBMT4-5000

The system is composed of a high stiffness test frame, with a capacity to perform tests up to 5000kN (500T) in static loads and a dynamic actuator to perform dynamic and long term fatigue tests (HCF) at high frequency.

IBMT4-5000The machine was designed with the aim of offering a high versatility, which allows the end user to perform different types of tests (bending, tensile and compression) on rails and sleepers. Besides, the design was made thinking in maintaining a high ergonomics and facilitating as much as possible the change of devices between tests as the handling of heavy specimens like these.
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