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Complete IBERTEST “turnkey” laboratories

Field: Cement

IBERTEST consolidates its leadership as an international supplier of machines and equipment for Cement Quality Control testing, supplying 9 new complete “turnkey” laboratories.

Throughout 2019, IBERTEST awarded different contracts to supply the complete laboratories for physical-chemical testing of cement from 6 cement grinding plants and 3 traditional cement plants, spread over different countries (Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba (2), Bolivia, Morocco, Cameroon and Mali).


With these new contracts, IBERTEST, founded in 1970, has now more than 40 complete “turnkey” laboratories and thousands of individual equipment supplied to traditional cement plants and cement grinding plants all over the world, becoming an outstanding European reference in this type of projects.

Currently, IBERTEST is at the final stage of negotiating 7 new projects (6 cement grinding plants and 1 traditional cement plant) for France, Portugal, El Salvador, Cuba, Morocco, Mauritania and the Philippines, although the worldwide impact of COVID 19 has imposed a certain delay on the closing of these contracts which, we trust, will be signed shortly, during the third quarter of 2020.

The innovative concept introduced by IBERTEST to this kind of projects, with the immediate help to user, in real time, wherever he is, through Telediagnosis and Remote Maintenance Service, allows to offer its customers a global “turnkey” solution, based on the principles of quality, experience, training and service, adjusted to their present and future real needs.


Thus, within this integral development, the concatenated execution of the following phases is contemplated:

  • The design of the laboratory and the distribution, by areas, of the equipment and auxiliary services (including, if requested, technical furniture), on customer’s plans or originals, projected by IBERTEST’s Technical Office.
  • The global supply of machines, equipment, accessories, auxiliary material, consumables and, optionally, technical furniture, necessary for the immediate start-up of the laboratory, placed at any of the current INCOTERMS, previously agreed with customer.
  • The installation and initial commissioning, by its specialist technicians, of all the equipment supplied, anywhere around the world.
  • Theoretical and practical training courses given by its specialists, during the start-up of the equipment.
  • Immediate help and remote maintenance service, “on line”, through Telediagnosis service.
  • Additional possibility to formalize annual preventive maintenance contracts, in person, with IBERTEST’s S.A.T.


If you want to know more about our solutions for cement testing, you can consult our equipment for cement testing catalog and also our testing machines for cement and construction materials catalog.

For special requests or any questions, we will be at your disposal in the following contact form.

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