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Railway component testing system for a university in Thailand

KMUTNBCustomer: King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok
Sector: Railways

IBERTEST has supplied 2 test systems to supply a laboratory of a university in Thailand, dedicated to the testing of railway components, both for static and dynamic loads.

The machines that will be installed in this laboratory are:

IBMU4-3000-MD2 Testing System

Universal test system for the characterization of materials (steel, concrete, polymers, etc.) from which the different track elements are made (rail, sleeper, fastening elements, etc.)

IBMU4-3000 machine calibration

Capacity: 3000 kN static
Test possibilities: Traction, compression, bending and shearing, according to European (EN), American (ASTM), Russian (GOST), BS, AS, etc. standards.

MFDIB-500-MD5i Testing System

Dynamic test system for characterization of fatigue resistance of sleepers (ties) and track crossing supports, both in their under-rail section and in their middle section.

MFDIB-500 machine in our facilities

Capacity: 500 kN dynamic loads.
Test possibilities: positive and negative bending according to the main international test standards such as: EN 13230-2, EN 13230-3, EN 13230-4, AREMA chapter 30, AS 1085.14, etc.

The machine has the latest technological innovations developed by IBERTEST in terms of control, connectivity and management.

The system has the new MD5i control module with 10kHz control loop closing frequency and data acquisition (per channel), as well as 24 bits improved resolution. This allows this advanced electronic system to maintain extraordinarily precise control, even at test frequencies of 100Hz.

Integration of machines in IOT (Internet Of Things) and Smart maintenance platform and based on Industry 4.0 standards. These features are especially useful for cases like this, where the machine will perform very long tests and therefore there may be times when it works unattended or where a single customer has several Ibertest machines. The system allows laboratory managers:

  • Remotely monitor the status of all machines in the laboratory.
  • See in real time different parameters of the machines like temperature and pressure of the oil, alarms, etc.
  • Receive notifications of end of test (for long term tests), cancellation of a test or technical problems.
  • User management by access levels.

The system will warn in advance of the preventive maintenance actions needed in each machine, based on the hours of operation and the recommended maintenance plan that is stored in the system itself.

This system also complies with the highest standards in terms of security in communications. It has a secure connection platform, which is regularly audited by independent organizations and has obtained the ISECOM STAR and ISO 27001 certifications, which guarantees the total security and privacy of the data.

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