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  • Tensile gripping heads IB109

    Universal wedge grip for tensile test, with crank handle  acting to open and close. Capacities available to 500 kN.

    Capable of applying strong closing force thanks to crank handle closing system.

    Wedge grip with lower wedge angle (11°)

    Other testing devices can be directly and easily mounted over IB109 grips: compression plates, bending devices, mechanized samples tensile devices, etc

    Optional: pneumatic  closing system


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    Product Description

    Tensile gripping heads up to 500kN

    Capacities: 100kN, 200kN, 300kN y 500kN

    Wedge grips: the clamping load gets increased with tensile test load.

    Mechanical actuating: manual crack-handle. Fast, reliable and it allows strong initial grip on the test specimen.

    Pneumatic actuating: optional

    Jaws: Pyramid teeth for flat test specimens and “V” section with serrated surface, for round samples.

    Jaws configuration:

    • Jaw holder + jaws: recommended for 100kN


    • Solid jaws: other capacities



    Easy to install other testing devices

    • Compression plates: mounted over the grips directly
    • Bending testing device: with adapter
    • Tensile testing device for machined specimens: with adapter

    It is recommended to use for electromechanical testing machine, high and medium loads, EUROTEST.