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  • Test systems for the railway industry – PFIB series

    The PFIB series of testing machines enables static tests to be performed supports and concrete sleepers (ties).


    The PFIB series allows testing in accordance with the main international standards, including:
    EN 13230-2, EN 13230-3, EN 13230-4, AREMA chapter 30, AS 1085.14, etc.

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    Product Description

    Test Frame

    • High stiffness design including the standard bending device (3 points).
    • Hydraulic system and actuator as an option, additional test devices can be incorporated such as: tensile,
      compression, etc.

    Hydraulic System and Actuator.

    • It incorporates the new EcoHydraulic system, which provides major improvements over traditional hydraulic control systems in terms of efficiency (up to 40% higher), adaptive flow and pressure control depending on the instantaneous test load, giving it a longer life, less maintenance and lower oil consumption.
    • Closed-loop control of force and travel by a highresponse servo valve.
    • Thanks to its integration with the testing software, it is possible to automatically perform safe shutdown operations, check the operating time of the hydraulic plant for scheduled maintenance and digitalize all the alarms of the hydraulic system.
    • Double-acting, double-rod hydraulic cylinder (with symmetrical chambers). The piston is coated with an anti-friction material and it is driven by the hydrodynamic cushion. A contactless sealing bushing allows very low friction and minimum stick slip.
    • Low friction 2nd stage sealing and scraper are designed to allow high speed any high motion frequencies.

    Control Electronics

    • The system incorporates the new MD2i control electronics with 24-bit resolution and 2.5 kHz closing loop frequency for fast and accurate control of test parameters. This means, among other advantages, that minimal variations in force or deformation can be observed during the test.

    Force Transducer (Load Cell)

    • High stiffness force transducer for static testing.

    Stroke Transducer

    • Digital linear position sensor, digital output, resolution 1 μm.


    • Complete system alarmas (Temperature, Oil level, Dirty filter detection, pressure filter, maximum pressure, etc) integrated with control software for safety stops and test protection.
    • Hydraulic piston safety lock system that immediately stops the piston in case of electrical failure to protect system and the test sample.

    Maintenance and Support

    • Intelligent maintenance system, which evaluates the condition and count operating hours to warns the user of all necessary preventive and corrective maintenance actions.


    • The UCRD-6i remote control (optional) allows simple testing without a computer. 15 Function keys: Up, Down, Stop, open and close jaws, configurable keys (machine control) and DigiPoti for precise movement control.

    Flexural static tests

    • Rail set section positive load test
    • Centre section negative load test
    • Centre section positive load test
    • Load is applied perpendicularly to the base of the sleeper.

      The sleeper must pass a test routine with incremental load steps without permanently cracking.