Construction sector

Sistema de ensayo de barandillas y otros elementos de seguridad en edificación.

Sector: Construction
Client: AIDICO Technological Center
Location: Valencia –  Spain
Execution period : 2001

Customer needs

Work carried out at heights in the construction sector can expose workers to occupational hazards, with serious consequences.

To minimize the risk of accidents due to falls, passive and active safety measures must be installed on scaffolding and temporary work structures, such as signs, handrails, ropes and safety nets.

AIDICO (Association of Building Industries in Valencia Region) located in Paterna, is the sole laboratory in Spain accredited for testing strength and elasticity of the various active safety systems in scaffolding and temporary work structures.

Solution provided by IBERTEST

For this application, IBERTEST designed, built and put into operation a test system for safety nets and clamping railings, in cooperation with the customer, which allowed defining the quality standards required to manufacturers for their homologation.


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