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Automatic Permeabilimeter AUTOBLAINE PREMIUM


For the determination of the fineness of cement (and other powdery materials) in terms of specific surface area, expressed in cm2g-1 o m2kg-1.
It allows the automatic execution of tests according to international standards, mainly EN 196-6 y ASTM C204.

Level detection by 4 precision photodiodes. With backlight.


7″ colour display with IP65 protection.
• Cell dimensions and cement sample diameter strictly according to EN and ASTM standards.

Level detection by 4 precision photodiodes. With backlighting.
Internal memory for storage of up to 1000 tests.

Temperature measurement by means of a PT-100 probe. Resolution: 0.1 ºC.
Possibility of integration with analytical balance or printer.

Compressor with self-adjustment to the local air pressure (depending on the altitude).
Possibility of connection to PC via USB and downloading to Excel the files saved in the internal memory.

Predefined tests, with screen assistant including specific protocols for tests according to EN 196-6 or ASTM C204.
WinPerm64 software for acquisition, data management and automatic generation of test reports.
Removable drawer for storage of accessories and consumables.
Automatic calculation of the weight of the cement sample as a function of density, porosity and selected Blaine cell.
Fully automatic test development with real-time display of temperature, time, K-constant and other test parameters.
Calibration for up to 5 different standard cements (NIST SMR 114q, SMR 46H, or laboratory standards)
Up to 20 types of cement, with independent calculation methods for each type of cement.
• Up to 5 different Blaine cells can be used.
AUTOBLAINE PREMIUM connected to an analytical balance and PC (via WinPerm64)
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