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S.A.E. IBERTEST obtains the Innovative SME seal

S.A.E. IBERTEST has received in 2020 the Innovative SME Seal awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

During the last years, S.A.E. IBERTEST has developed several projects in which it has demonstrated its innovative character, receiving official certifications recognized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

This recognition represents a reward for the work done in the lines marked by the company in the field of innovation.

The Seal of the Innovative SME is created under Order ECC/1087/2015, of 5 June, Which Regulates The Obtaining Of Small And Medium-Sized Innovative Company Seal And Creates And Regulates The Registration Of The Small And Medium-Sized Innovative Company (BOE, of 11 June 2015).

Through this seal, the Ministry of Science and Innovation recognizes companies that carry out activities in the field of research, technological development and innovation (R+D+i).

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