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IB – CREEP testing machines for high temperature test

The IB-Creep series have been developed for creep testing, load relaxation test, stress rupture tests, durability…for high temperature, according the principal creep standards, ISO 204:2009 and ASTM E139 among others.

Creep testing machine

Our available load capacities are 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 300 and 500kN, covering a wide range of the creep testing studies for different materials, like metal, polymeric, composites and ceramics.

The IB-Creep system satisfies the lever arm ratio, 20:1, using a load cell with temperature compensation, providing class 0,5 according EN-ISO 7500-1.

Thanks to the tubular creep furnace, temperatures from +20°C to +1100°C can be achieved, controlling the temperature over 3 points with thermocouples, in direct contact with the specimen or internally placed in the furnace. With a new touch screen controller which provides audible and visual alarms with temperature variation control under 0,5°C.

The system controlled and closed-loop operation with a 1kHz sampling frequency, resolution 180.000 real points and 1 ms closing loop time, giving a reliable creep curve, rigorous and high accuracy to determinate the minimum creep rate or steady-state creep rate.


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