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Set of new TESTCOM series Electromechanical Testing Machines for Niger

200px-Bandera_de_NígerCustomer: Ministère des Enseignements Professionnels et Techniques
Country/Region: Republic of the Niger
Field: Education

S.A.E. IBERTEST has supplied to the Ministry of Technical and Professional Education of Niger, five Universal Testing Machines, of the new TESTCOM series with 50 kN capacity for its application in the professional teaching of Properties and Resistance of Materials.

The new TESTCOM series, with a larger testing space, incorporates a wide variety of accessories for testing practically any material or specimen geometry. They conform Class 0.5 to comply with EN ISO 7500-1 which makes it an excellent tool for teaching (in Engineering and Technical careers) as well as for its use in Laboratories for Industrial Quality Control and Research.

Testcom 50

New TESTCOM-50 series


If you want to know more about the new TESTCOM model click here.

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